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What life questions

do you have?

Tai Esteban Sunnanon


I'm a certified Master Life Coach and want to help you answer some of your most pressing life questions.


I've been a CEO of 6 companies spanning 25 years. During this time, I've been privileged to be an author, global speaker and Harvard University instructor. As a Master Life Coach, my specialty is in creating a dynamic, two-way learning experience that leads to profound insights. To date, I've coached over 850 coporate CEOs, nonprofit leaders, foundation executives, community leaders, social justice activists and elected officials. 

Currently, I am the CEO of the Social Good Industries, LLC, a socially-conscious products company; and an officer in the U.S. Air Force.


Previously, I was an instructor at Harvard University, teaching mid-career courses on social entrepreneurship and advanced leadership; I was also a visiting scholar at American University, UC Berkeley, and Vanderbilt University.


Before teaching, I served my country as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Palau, working on sustainable, economic development projects for the Pacific Islands.

I completed my doctoral coursework at Harvard University, where I also earned an MPP and EdM degree, and have a BA from UCLA.


Now that you read my credentials, here's what the internal resume sounds like: I understand how to coach and support a diverse array of people from different cultures, world-perspectives and ideologies. My father immigrated from Thailand and my mother from Ecuador. They taught me how to overcome our extreme poverty through hard work and education.


And for many years, I was a workaholic that justified my multi-tasking and working into the late hours, 7 days a week. That burn-out forced me to re-examine my own coaching and to set personal boundaries of my time and mental health. When you overcome deep challenges and traumatic experiences, you can spritually level-up in life.  

Now, I've learned what really matters to me, spending quality time with family, surfing off the Southern CA coast and learning my 8th language. And, I want you to reach your version of nirvana. 

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How can i help?

We face challenges with our career, relationships and Self throughout our lives. That's normal. But, you don't have to struggle alone. That's the mistake I made for so long. I never realized that  personal values dictate how we interact in this world and now I want others to experience this profound change. 


For over 25 years, I have been privileged to see lives change because of my work. As a master life coach, I can help you to find Direction, Clarity, Insights and Resources specific to your needs. Think of life coaching as having a thought partner who is not trying to change you, but rather redirecting you to a more empowered state so that you can decide what is best for you. 100% of my clients have had a lightbulb (or two or three!) spark during our conversations.

Sessions are 100% confidential. Nothing less will do for creating a safe space. 

Get ready to find the guidance you've been looking for.


Want to change careers? Uncertain of what the future holds? I help you find direction based on your values.


Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure if what you're pursuing is right for you? I help you find clarity in your decision-making.


Questioning the way you Think? Act? Lead? I help you find the insights into patterns of behavior that, in turn, will guide you forward.


Feeling relatively good in life? Need a pep talk? I help you find resources and tools to elevate your goals.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Coaching sessions are conducted either via Zoom or in-person. And, now through Summer 2022, all prices are reduced by 50% in order for the commnity to get what it needs as we come out of the pandemic. Be well. 



boston | Los Angeles | New york | Washington, D.c. 

© 2021 Tai Esteban Sunnanon

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